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  • Novels in several genres and formats
    New York
    We have genres like science fiction, suspense, historical fiction, western, horror, and fantasy. Allow yourself to discover literary settings and believable characters from times past and present, and yet to come, in this world or across the galaxy. ...
    • Book, Magazine - New York
    1 day
    300 $
  • Thundering Vengeance novel
    New York
    A black car with a powerful, fire-spewing engine causes deadly accidents involving police officers. A police department seeks to stop the car, but soon questions what they are chasing. The lethal car and its driver seem possessed. Nothing the police ...
    • Book, Magazine - New York
    2 weeks, 3 days
    399 $
  • It was updated long ago
    He Said, She Said: A Chivalrous Romance
    New York
    He Said, She Said: A Chivalrous Romance by John Mazur He captured her heart with all its beauty; in return he was caught. Will their separate journeys through time allow them to reconnect. Hardback: $23.00 Purchase Link: https://www.amazon.com/He-Sai...
    • Book, Magazine - New York
    3 months, 3 weeks
    23 $
  • It was updated long ago
    Learn What Went On In Our Hominid Ancestor’S Mind Price
    New York
    APE MIND, OLD MIND, NEW MIND (newly released) is the groundbreaking story by a psychiatrist who has discovered that an understanding of severe mental illnesses is the key to a deep understanding of both society and human nature. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BU...
    • Book, Magazine - New York
    5 years, 3 months
    1 622 $
  • It was updated long ago
    Buy Ape Mind, Old Mind, New Mind Book
    New York
    Ape Mind, Old Mind, New Mind - Why We Became Human Darwin discovered that we are descended from apes, and everyone knows that we have an ape mind driven by the motivation to dominate. There is no science possible on the minds of our ancestral human s...
    • Book, Magazine - New York
    5 years, 5 months
    1 330 $
  • It was updated long ago
    New York
    Do you like true scary and strange stories? If you do you must read this book! There are 68 true stories taken from prison inmate interviews that range from serious hauntings, possessions, evil entity encounters, apparitions, visitations beyond the l...
    • Book, Magazine - New York
    8 years, 11 months
    10 $


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