Terms of Use

I. Terms of use Contents

  1. First In these terms and conditions (Conditions) of Adoist.com self-employed (headquarters: 6900 Mako, Tulipan st. 12 Tax Number: 66712626-2-26, Business License #: 37981693) (hereinafter Service) operated by Adoist (adoist.com) is available on the side of information society services (hereinafter Service , Adoist) recipient (hereinafter referred to as User) by the use of terms included. The Rules on compliance with both the Service Provider and the User shall be binding.
  2. Adoist User is every site visitor, or who uses the service. User of the Service, you agree to the provisions of this Policy.
  3. User must be 18 or older, disability is not limited and is not incompetent, or 14 years of age may not be legally incompetent minor, who uses the service, and to register obtained legal guardian consent or subsequent approval and that the Service Provider shall, at its prove, or a legal person or unincorporated business entity acting on behalf of and warrants that it is entitled to the organization representation.
  4. The Service Provider may at any time unilaterally amend the Treaty, by notifying Users of the change. Following the amendment, the use of the Service Contract acceptance of the modification.
  5. The current version of the Service Regulations placed on the front page "Terms of Use" link is available.
  6. Any various websites different from Adoist (Facebook.com, Twitter.com, Iwiw.hu etc.), related to the provision of the relevant websites within the published terms and conditions also apply.

II. The most important features of Service

  1. Advertising space for service user and other classified ads, for example continuous ad banner advertising the Service is operated by adoist.com web address in a database or retrieval system. Service provided for free by using the web user interface admin Classified ads placed. Service by the User authorized electronic watermark images provided.
  2. View of the website and searching on it is free and no registration necessary. The website providing certain services free of charge upon registration, and other services are available for a fee service. The website for the registration of all data is voluntary.
  3. User represents and warrants that it has placed ads on the site in compliance with the legislation in force, people and intellectual property rights are not violated, and the communication to the public with the consent of the persons concerned have.
  4. This website is provided for informational purposes only, any use of any User's own risk and responsibility.
  5. You agree that Provider is not responsible for any of the pages located in the user's information of screens, advertising, information, etc. (herein after referred to as content), their authenticity, the cause of right violation to third parties and shall not be liable for damages.
  6. Provider does not warrant the functions available on the website fault and fault-free operation and immediate correction of these disorders, as well as providing access to this website or its server is free from viruses. However, service providers will use the viruses and problems that may arise as soon as possible in order to prevent.
  7. Provider of the website and different than expected services from the operation of the change, or delete data from loss, resulting from the restriction of the service excludes any claims for damage.
  8. User Content placed by Provider shall be entitled but not obliged to verify, there is no responsibility for the content Provider. If, however, aware that the published content providers or third-party rights or legitimate interests or violate applicable laws, shall be entitled to remove the content in question, and the content from publishers to demand compensation for damages incurred. If a third party alleged to be owed or any authority to initiate proceedings, the User undertakes in this regard and the Service Provider for all costs incurred damage.
  9. Since the Internet is not considered secure and open networks, the data transmitted destroyed, arrive late or any other damages arising due to errors in the Service Provider's liability to exclude.
  10. The e-commerce services and information society services for certain aspects of the year of 2001, CVIII. Service Act, using the services of the information provided by the user in user constitutes a service.
  11. The Service is running and operation of electronic trading services on 2001th CVIII. provisions of the Act constitutes an intermediary service.

III. Use of the service and registration

  1. During the registration process the data should be observed when completing the data is accurate and truthful to enter. Data requirements for the formal verification is done automatically. This information is required it is important to check the entered data and validated. This has taken place in the electronic transmission of registration. Service during registration login link sent by e-mail to the specified email address. Service Provider shall ensure the successful registration of the placement of ads. After Service Provider and User are able to access the account, registration and its confirmation are considered done.
  2. Second User acknowledges that security of data sent over the Internet and its arrival is not responsible for administering the Service. The registration is done electronically by sending a Service Provider and its confirmation by the contract between the parties implied behavior is created. The contract does not constitute a contract concluded in writing. Conclusion of a contract is possible only in Hungarian. Content provider to register electronically recorded and stored. Registered user data is recorded and stored in the administration interface and access to information provided during registration to change at any time. User has the right and duty of the changed data in the system to modify the data uploaded it true, accurate, and timely. If the user-specified data do not correspond to reality, without any further notice Provider may delete your registration. I can exclude any user who repeatedly misleading, false or true otherwise inappropriate information is given. In such cases, the user may not make any claim for compensation, but will be required to reimburse the expense incurred in connection with this Service.
  3. The service is only within the framework of the existing legislation, third parties and without prejudice to the rights of the Service Provider, in compliance with this Policy and to use.
  4. Prohibited to use any system or solution, which is not expressly permitted in these Regulations Service in the use and / or used in the operation of the Service aims to shut down servers, or result in, or which otherwise endangers the operation of the service.
  5. Prohibited from marketing or other user's personal information, the use of a variety of services intended for use or collection.
  6. By registering, the User agrees that the Service Provider availabilities given in electronic direct marketing purposes (hereinafter referred to as electronic or eDM ads) search, and newsletters related to the Service (hereinafter the Customer) to send. The Customer may contain advertising in all cases. The User may at any time separately disable the electronic ads, and receive the newsletter. The Service, however, asks to be taken into account that the basic service is a long-term condition for the functioning of free advertising service for assistance.

IV. Data service

  1. In order to preserve the authenticity of the Service by the User Name specified when placing classified ads in all cases will be published in the advertisement at the same speed by Website.
  2. The User is obliged to provide accurate and real contact information (full name, phone number, e-mail address) is included between the data and posted it in the classifieds. If the Provider becomes aware that this data is not real to the user based on these data are not available, the Provider has the right to terminate User's access to the classified ads, and delete.
  3. Among the services available on the Website Provider shall provide free of charge: register, Post classified ads, letters to send, provide RSS feeds, pet classifieds collecting, sending an indirect message to the advertiser.
  4. The list of services and its fees are included in the Schedule of Fees. The user appears in the online classifieds highlight of the related fees through the Website with a credit card or mobile payment schemes can be conducted to settle out. The Service Provider may at any time unilaterally amend the Schedule of Fees.
  5. The Service account is a continuous on-line records of the Members Classifieds and balance.

V. The content of classified ads

  1. On the site of Adoist expressly prohibited products/services ads, which are traded in violation of the law. Such a product/service, including:
    • hazardous chemicals, in particular, any fire or explosion hazard;
    • drugs, narcotics, psychotropic substances or any similar effect;
    • alcohol, except for high-quality, unique or special collector's spirits;
    • stolen, or otherwise, from crime or illegally marketed products;
    • false or counterfeit products (eg branded products, which may mislead customers with a product or service origin, quantity, quality, components, performance, usability, repair, maintenance, or other important features regarding, and must not be of such data information detention);
    • false indication of origin marking or branding the product support;
    • a product that is itself the product or publication, your ad may violate in any way the rights of any third party, including, but not limited to, trademark, copyright, patent, rights of privacy or piety abuse;
    • copyrighted copied products, counterfeit, copy, or any other activity, device, software that assists or is suitable for copyright infringement;
    • Human organ or tissue;
    • licensed weapons, ammunition, explosives, pyrotechnics, devices (fireworks), these products are parts, components, and public safety particularly dangerous tool that online sales laws preclude, including, in particular weapons unlicensed devices (throwing stars , flicks knives, blackjacks, truncheons, boxers, electric shock, viper, nunchaku, more than 20 grams of pepper spray fillers, etc.);
    • securities or any other financial instruments, investments or financial placements which may be made, except in clearly identifiable securities that have a claim does not constitute, and which specifically aim of gathering will be organized;
    • credit card, debit card, or any other, non-transferable non-cash means of payment (eg. holiday vouchers), with the exception of clearly identifiable product, device that does not have a payment function and purpose of collection will be launched explicitly;
    • void warranty letter, certificate, and certificate validation labels or stickers;
    • any product or text, which incite hatred, species of persecution , xenophobia or conflicts between nations and ethnic groups give rise;
    • one or more person's violation of privacy or defamation, or otherwise be detrimental to the product, text;
    • virus, trojan horse or other malicious software elements;
    • activation code, CD-Key, separated from the original software registration number;
    • TV and radio subscriptions associated decoder cards and such broadcasts illegal decryption device used;
    • to Web sites, FTP servers, or to the way that will produce dangerous, illegal substances or possess such material created or facilitate access to information;
    • online service giving access to the username, password;
    • personal information or lists of email addresses and social networking sites (eg Facebook, Twitter, GMail, iWiW, myVIP, etc.), e-mail services for qualifying invitations;
    • any betting or gambling related system or its use offers of help;
  2. Prohibited as well:
    • the use of any application/solution that allows modification of the Adoist or Service may be made, or that may affect the proper operation of the Adoist or Service.
    • use a solution of legal services in the way that is against the use or operation of the supply of IT services (hardware and software) operation environment, the availability of influence;
    • ad uploaded in the job category that is not reported, and only, full or part-time job can be done for the position include, in particular with regard to other Web sites that promote or misleading ad, telecommuting offers upload.
  3. The only specific job category, job fair, and a small ad in a job (position) with your advertising. If the ad contains personal information (such as contact name, e-mail address), User warrant that you have the relevant permission required to bring the person to the public.
  4. Cannot display any advertisement which:
    • franchise network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme offers access;
    • reply envelope to send money or to pay calls;
    • constitutes incitement to an offense;
    • no regard for social or public perception, proper evaluation and human dignity;
    • serious or widespread resistance or cause;
    • defamatory or abusive
    • race, religion, or political foment or provoke conflict;
    • It is not clear by definition, cannot be precisely defined parameters for the recommended job opportunities or implied, is not permitted to seek content (s) to be displayed, eg. Club membership refers to the MLM system entry work from home as an indication of their erotic job offers, etc.
  5. A particular advertisement while only one category can be made available within the Service, and the period of validity of the advertisement given by the user of the Website identical or very similar, significant differences have been removed, the Service believes that the same product, service, etc. more classifieds advertising content may not be published. If the Service detects that the same ad more than once in the right to use all its forms Classified Ad removed.
  6. The advertisement for the specified user to the Service Provider by the size and amount of image or video file to upload content. They only can be related to the content of the advertisement.
  7. The User may at any time by it to remove uploaded videos or images. The other User Content from the Service Provider may be required to remove the advertisement for the "Report" menu item to.

VI. Use of the Service and the consequences of possible violations

  1. For each user in the user bears the full responsibility for all activities undertaken in relation to their accounts. The user is obliged to inform the Supplier immediately of any unauthorized use of their account or any other breach of security action. The Service Provider shall not be liable for users' passwords or accounts without the knowledge of the users knew or damages resulting from unauthorized use. However, the user is responsible for its own account or the password for any unauthorized use of the Service or any third party for damages.
  2. The Service Provider relating to infringements of the laws required by the framework to cooperate with persons who have committed the offense in order to account.
  3. The Service, the Site and Content made available by the Service is protected by copyright. The copyright of all and maker of the database protection rights of the Supplier are entitled to, and service provision for the inherent read on-screen viewing and the necessary temporary reproduction, for personal, non-commercial purposes HDD Saving and printing, and it has no not otherwise be used or utilized in the Service Provider's prior written authorization of absence.

VII. Termination of Contract

  1. The User may at any time cancel the registration, so that the sides of Service Contact Us link at the bottom is available indicates that the need for service providers. In this case, the contract is automatically terminated with immediate effect and1. The User may at any time cancel the registration, so that the sides of Service Contact Us link at the bottom is available indicates that the need for service providers. In this case, the contract is automatically terminated with immediate effect.
  2. If the User is the user account password in the last 6 months she does not, allowed to use your user data and with it, the hold classified ads and delete the user account associated with balance. Service cancellations prior warning letter will be sent to your registered e-mail address.
  3. If the User is in breach of the terms of this Agreement, the Service Provider may cancel the account, in which case this Agreement shall terminate immediately and automatically.
  4. The Service Provider reserves the right to make the service as a whole, at any time, without prior warning.

15th. November 2012.