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Promoter, Ambassador

7 years, 8 months

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  • Ad ID: ADOIST-2120846
  • Category: Job
  • Subcategory: Advertising job, Public relations job
  • Position type: Part-time
I am a referral manager of our company's Referral Program. Our company provides custom writing services. What I am offering is to join this program and become it's representative and our company as well.
Your responsibilities as an ambassador of our Referral Program will include:
1. Distribute flyers/business cards with your own referral code in the streets, universities, cafes, student campuses, libraries and other places you will be able to reach our target audience.
2. Inform people about our offers and invite them to visit our website, to use our services!
3. Provide us with a photo-report of your activities.
4. Collect a big number of referrals and get paid for your well-done job!
From our side we will provide you with:
promotional materials (flyers/business cards);
all necessary information about our company/services/clients;
special instructions from our training manager of how to make your job more effective;
support in every question you have regarding this Program and your payment.
Earn $200-300 with our company! Real money, interesting and easy job! For details, please contact me: chloe.osborn@gmail.com
I will review applicants from CA, FL, VA, PA, NY, OH, GA, TX, NJ, IL

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  • Chloe Osborn
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  • Chloe Osborn
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