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  • Install LED Pole Lights that can withstand all weather conditions
    New York
    The LED technology has proved to be very beneficial in case of street lighting post the introduction of LED pole lights that are the most economical way of lighting the surrounding places, especially during the nights. Most of the people are fully aw...
    119 $
  • Use DLC Approved 2x4 LED Panel Light for Getting Incentives
    New York
    Today every business owner is using the smart LED lighting technology against the normal lights as they are fully aware of the advantages of these lights, and the LED panel lights are one such type of light that is being used at the places where the ...
    59 $
  • 3D models in format STL for sale
    Los Angeles
    You have a CNC routers, you have all the resources, but now comes the problem of finding useful STL models? Visit 3dmodelmania.com - marketplace for STL models. Web-site - https://3dmodelmania.com with models for CNC. Some example of 3D files: https:...
    2 $
  • teacup yorkie puppies for new homes
    Registered teacup yorkie pupies For Re-Homing Tiny Adorable Baby yorkie Puppy Home Trained Teacup Puppies teacup yorkie Puppy miniature yorkie puppies for adoption registered teacup yorkie puppies for adoption Nice Tea Cup yorkie Puppies for good and...
    350 $
  •  Automatic EPS compactor of GREENMAX A-C100
    Los Angeles, 805 Barrington Ave.Ontario, CA 91764,USA
    The Styrofoam compactor APOLO C100 can compact all kinds of EPS scraps and bulk EPS scarps into a compact size. The compactor machine can compact the volume of Styrofoam as 50:1. It’s similar to make a laptop become a small key of the keyboard. And c...
    35 000 $
  • Efficient foam densifier of GREENMAX M-C200 machine
    Los Gatos, 805 Barrington Ave.Ontario, CA 91764,USA
    GREENMAX Mars C200 densifeir provides a great method to waste EPS recycling. GREENMAX Mars C200 melting machine is big scale machine for waste foam such as EPS recycling. Specializing in waste plastic foam melting, it can reduce the foam volume at a ...
    45 000 $
  • EPS screw compactor GREENMAX ZEUS C300
    Locust Grove, 805 Barrington Ave.Ontario, CA 91764,USA
    GREENMAX ZEUS C300 is a type of foam densifier which can dispose Expendable polyethylene (EPE), EPS, XPS, PPS and so on. C300 is equipped with surface melting technology which can melt the surface of these foam scraps and solve the problem of their b...
    50 000 $
  • Polystyrene Recycling by Using machine AC200
    California, 805 Barrington Ave.Ontario, CA 91764,USA
    GREENMAX APOLO C200 offers an intelligent and useful tool for recyclers. C200 can compact all kinds of materials, such as EPS, PSP, XPS and so on. Equipped with reputable SIEMENS, PHOENIX, SCHNEIDER, NSK components, C200 ensures great safety, reliabi...
    40 000 $
  • Styrofoam shredder GREENMAX ZC200
    Cabot, Los Angeles, 805 Barrington Ave.Ontario, CA 91764,USA
    GREENMAX ZEUS C200 is the stronger version of EPS Compactor. Apart from waste EPS foam, ZEUS C200 also can deal with EPE and EPP materials. It crushes the plastic foams and compacts them into blocks, and the surface of blocks are melted. The strongly...
    50 000 $
  • Styrofoam compactor GREENMAX  AC300
    Locust Grove, 805 Barrington Ave.Ontario, CA 91764,USA
    With the development of economy and society, foam pollution do large harm to our environment. Fortunately, there is a foam compactor called GREENMAX which can dispose foam including EPS, XPS and PPS efficiently. And APOLO C300 is a type of GREENMAX t...
    65 000 $

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