Tarot Readings For Self-development and Clarity Delivered Same Day

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I give straight-forward but compassionate readings. The purpose is to help you through a situation so you can come to the best decision for yourself, as well as anyone else involved.

My readings are not meant to be fortune telling as I believe you can make different choices at any moment regardless of which cards show up. I don't read tarot to make you doubt your decision making skills. I encourage you to take a few days break, at minimum, between readings.

I don't read for medical related questions. Please seek a medical professional. I also encourage seeking therapy, if it's financially feasible for you, alongside a spiritual practice.

Every reading comes with a free oracle card pull, plus an extra $1 for each card pulled up to $3. Three follow up questions are allowed after the initial question. Clarifying questions for cards drawn don't take up those three question.

Pictures don't show all my decks. There are 23 tarot and oracle cards I own. When returning for readings you can request the deck(s) you have a preference for.

Hours: 12 pm to 8 pm EST Monday-Thursday. 12 pm to 2 pm on Fridays. Text and picture readings only after 5 pm.
Video readings are an option, however this will be sent as a google link and the video will be deleted from my account 24 hours after I've sent it. Audio+picture readings are available at the same time.

Text+Picture readings only during weekends.

$8 - 2 cards
$16 - 3 cards
$20 - 5 cards

Readings can be done with all tarot, oracle, or lenormand. multiple spreads exist for each reading & can be combined (ex. 2 card + 3 or 5 cards. $24 or $28. 3 cards + 5 cards for a total of $36). Longer readings will take longer to deliver but should arrive same day. I will send a free email to notify you if there is a long queue. There will be no extra charges if the reading needs to be delivered next day.

Tarot for writers:
$19 - story arc spread
$20 - (romantic/platonic & protag/antagonist) relationship spread
$20 - 5 card outline spread - best for short stories

*DISCLAIMER* Just like with any of my readings, these are to help you flesh out ideas or get used to outlining. The purpose is to help build your story and writing skills. Not hold your story to a rigid path.

Where you can find me on social media:
Instagram - @mika.horror
Twitter - MikaHorror

In need of an artist to create your oracle deck? Check out my Fiverr gig: https://www.fiverr.com/s/jaklkV

Payments for readings can be made through paypal.me/DiaWrites
State the email used to send your question. I can also send an invoice so you only pay the price of the reading.
If you use Cashapp instead, send payments to $MikaHorror

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