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  • The novels written by multi genre author Joel Goulet
    New York
    Joel Goulet has been writing novels since 2000. His captivating, descriptive style of writing delivers believable, likeable, or hated characters, and intriguing stories in countries around the world. Go back in time to when Tut was Pharoh. Rome was u...
    • Book, Magazine - New York
    4 hours, 53 minutes
    300 $
  • CLANDESTINE RENDEZVOUS a novel by Joel Goulet
    New York
    There’s something about an inmate that suddenly vanishes from a prison that has raised red flags within several clandestine branches of government and has drawn the attention of two assassins hell bent on killing him. Caught between the killers and g...
    • Book, Magazine - New York
    1 day, 5 hours
    399 $
  • Beyond the Realm novels 1 and 2
    New York
    Beyond the Realm series. A small group of people are being pursued by a blood thirsty assassin organization. The group manages to stay one step ahead of the killers, all the while wondering how it is that their whereabouts, from city to city, country...
    • Book, Magazine - New York
    4 days, 12 hours
    300 $
  • It was updated long ago
    Motivational Soccer Stories for Kids| The Soccer Tales
    New York, Belle Mead, New Jersey, Dance to the Sun Publishers, LLC P.O. Box 965 Be
    Writing captivating kids soccer books means using components that appeal to children's sense of fun, inventiveness, and passion for the game. Author Lew Freimark of The Soccer Tales crafts engaging soccer stories that enthrall children, cultivat...
    • Book, Magazine - New York
    6 months, 2 weeks
  • It was updated long ago
    Learn What Went On In Our Hominid Ancestor’S Mind Price
    New York
    APE MIND, OLD MIND, NEW MIND (newly released) is the groundbreaking story by a psychiatrist who has discovered that an understanding of severe mental illnesses is the key to a deep understanding of both society and human nature. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BU...
    • Book, Magazine - New York
    6 years, 3 months
    1 622 $
  • It was updated long ago
    Buy Ape Mind, Old Mind, New Mind Book
    New York
    Ape Mind, Old Mind, New Mind - Why We Became Human Darwin discovered that we are descended from apes, and everyone knows that we have an ape mind driven by the motivation to dominate. There is no science possible on the minds of our ancestral human s...
    • Book, Magazine - New York
    6 years, 5 months
    1 330 $


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