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Message to Nancy Franco of Canoga Park

5 days, 3 hours

Hi Nancy, I felt the need to write this letter to you, because I’ve been thinking a lot about the situation with Desi. I feel guilty, but because of the circumstances we have grown so much apart (I mean Desi and I); it hasn’t been my intention, but sometimes things just happen. I finally got divorced (thank God). I found a woman who supported me emotionally. I always wanted to divorce, but I didn’t know a thing about how to proceed, the only thing I knew was that it’s very expensive, and I didn’t have $800 to spare, so I did the best next thing, I learned how to do it, and I did it myself… it took me a while to learn it well, so it took me a while to get it, but God helped me, and I finally did. I got married, and I don’t want to get divorce ever again… My wife is one of a kind, very sweet and compassionate, intelligent and beautiful and she is perfect for me. We have a daughter 1 ½ years old, she is so beautiful… I also wanted to tell you that, it was hard for me to get over the bad relation we had… believe me I wanted to marry you, I really did, I loved you with all my heart, and one of the things that killed me, it was that you didn’t believe me… was that so hard to believe?, that a man like me would love a woman like you? I remember telling you that it’s about chemistry, not about looks of age, it’s about how one feels for another and the chemistry they have and the emotional bond they have created trough been together and sharing, I used to be so happy when our relation was good, the way I felt when we were together, you told me and you told your parents that I was the only one you've ever loved, well, you had a very funny way of showing it some times. By the time I went to visit my family and my Country (Guatemala)… one of the main reasons I went to visit my family, to tell them about you, that I wanted to marry you, and they will make me so happy if they accepted you as the woman I loved and I wanted to marry. Some time after that, you started acting crazy, angry, and not understanding me and not supporting me, when all I needed was your moral support, then you began having promiscuous relations with other people you hardly knew, and even having a relation with another woman at one point… that was the time when you showed me your true colors, this was very hard for me to accept. Don’t ever think that I have forgotten about my son. The thing is that I live again far away with my wife and daughter. Time passes by so fast, faster than we wish. But I want to have a relation with my son. I do not have the answer, but I know God has it and I just trust him. I want to be honest with both of you, Desi and you. I want Desi to know that I haven’t forgotten about him, I am not like that. I want him to be part of my life and vice versa. I also wanted to say that I love my new wife, the one that offered me her love and moral support through thick and thin. I would never want to separate or divorce her, she is amazing, one of a kind, and I love her with all my heart. I miss her even one single day we are not together, I couldn’t live without her, she is part of me. I hope we can put all the bad things behind and you will let me have a relation with my son. Best regards and wishing you the best, Robert. This is my facebook page: www.facebook.com/roberto. castellanos.733 NOTE: I want to make clear that this message is for Nancy Franco of Canoga Park CA. and our son name is Desi. Nancy Franco de Canoga Park, Nancy Franco from Canoga Park, Nancy Franco in Canoga Park, Nancy Franco en Canoga Park, Miguel Franco, Miguel Franco of Canoga Park, Miguel Franco from Canoga Park, Miguel Franco in Canoga Park, Miguel Franco de Canoga Park, Miguel Franco en Canoga Park, Desi Franco of Canoga Park, Desi Franco from Canoga Park, Desi Franco in Canoga Park, Desi Franco en Canoga Park, Desi Franco de Canoga Park, Antonia Franco of Canoga Park, Antonia Franco in Canoga Park, Antonia Franco from Canoga Park, Antonia Franco en Canoga Park, Antonia Franco de Canoga Park, Maria Franco of Canoga Park, Maria Franco from Canoga Park, Maria Franco in Canoga Park, Maria Franco en Canoga Park, Maria Franco de Canoga Park

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